Cheese Wedding Cakes


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Cheese wedding cakes are a fabulous centrepiece for any wedding.

If your wedding or celebration is still some time away, you can place your order now, and we will happily send it to you once you have a firm date set.

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The Cows and Co cheese wedding cake makes a fabulous centerpiece at any wedding. The multi tiered cake consists of a base layer of Vintage Cheddar, then a layer of our Scottish Blue, topped with 3 of our cremay Brie and finally capped off with a Smoked Brie. The cheese cake is suitable for approx 100 guests.

The cake can be decorated to match the theme of your wedding, with fruit or flowers or anything that takes your fancy. Our images are supplied as a bit of inspiration and the cheese cake does not come with the accessories.

The cake is supplied as individual cheeses and consists of

2 x 1.5Kg Vintage Cheddar

1 x 2.5Kg Scottish Blue

3 x 230g Creamy Brie

1 x 230g Smoked Brie


34 cm x 24 cm x11cm