Cows and Co are a group of like-minded artisan cheese producers, farmers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing a brand of high quality premium food and drink products and making them available to a wider audience.

We have launched with a range of premium quality Artisan cheese, all made with the milk from our herd of Ayrshire cows in the beautiful Galloway hills in Dumfriesshire, often described as Scotland’s best
kept secret.

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Our first range of products is the result of a collaboration between Mark our Dairy Farmer and Maurice our Cheesemaker. Maurice is an artisan cheesemaker and currently produces a range of cheese from the creamery in Appleby, Cumbria in the North of England. His expertise and experience combined with the highest quality ingredients makes the Cows and Co cheese an amazing range of products which we are hugely proud of and we know you will enjoy.

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Mark is the 4th generation of Callanders to farm at Crofthead, in Dumfriesshire Scotland and has spent the last 20 years developing and nurturing his Ayrshire herd with great skill and expertise to produce the best possible milk from which our cheese is made.

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Cows and Co was the brainchild of Stuart MacLennan agricultural consultant with many years of experience in supporting and working in the farming community who saw a gap in the market to bring together food and farming specialists. He brought Mark and Maurice together and Cows and Co cheese was born. To develop a wide appeal and create a great brand presence with significant marketing exposure, the team then brought in Pete Crouch a marketing specialist with over 20 years sales and marketing experience and the Cows and Co brand
was born.

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