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Cheese has gained its self a bit of a bad reputation over the years when it comes to health and weight gain, so I’m here now to tell you all otherwise.

In modern society there has been a huge emphasis put on weight loss and “low fat foods” –  I refuse to believe a chemically-engineered alternative to full fat milk, butter and of course cheese could be better for you than the real deal and my proof of this lies within three of the worlds biggest cheese loving countries, France, Italy and Greece who have some of the lowest rates of obesity and heart disease in the Western world. Cheese has been a staple in the human diet for thousands of years so why now in only the last 100 years have our dietary problems worsened so dramatically?  – If you think about it low-fat foods are a relatively modern thing that our ancestors never had, and yet over the past ten years or so obesity levels have gotten out of hand and continue to do so. It doesn’t add up. 

Sooo If the best your fridge has to offer is something that vaguely resembles a triangle of plastic you need to take stock because the following nutritional benefits do not apply to processed cheese.

Our cheese here at Cows and Co is real cheese made by real people with milk from happy cows.

Cheese is Full of Calcium and other GREAT things.
Chances are you probably already knew that cheese contained calcium, which is of course great for our bones. But did you know it also contains Vitamin D, along with folic acid, zinc, phosphorus, and Vitamins A, B2, B12, and K2. Thats a lot of stuff which when combined and consumed together does an amazing job at protecting your brain,bones AND heart.

Cheese is full of natural fat (Key word – Natural)
The word “fat” terrifies you right? Well our bodies need fat and yes cheese has got a lot of it, but as long as its consumed in moderation you WILL survive. The thing about the fats found in cheese is that they are natural and of a high quality which means plenty of FLAVOUR. You won’t find such a great taste in heavily processed alternatives that have been pumped full of sugar to keep them tasting good. Just a small amount of real Cows and Co artisan cheese is packed full of flavour and is rich in protein and fat which will slow down the absorption of any carbs consumed at the same time and release energy slowly into your system leaving you feeling satisfied for longer. Fat is not a bad thing, just don’t go over board.

Happy Cheese
I don’t know about you, but cheese makes me happy 🙂
Dopamine!! a natural feel-good chemical that is released in to our brains with every bite of yummy cheese! Once again this is all down to the natural fats found in cheese and also an amino acid called tyrosine, that, when broken down in our bodies, gives us the feeling of being content. Just knowing this fact makes me feel content.

So there you have it, three legit reasons to prove that cheese can actually be pretty good for you!

Hopefully this blog post will ward away any guilty feelings you might have after tucking into one of our tasty cheeses.