We recently commissioned local, Cumbrian based potter Dave Norman, to make us some handmade Brie Bakers.  Dave specialises in  hand thrown pottery decorated using traditional slip trailing techniques.

Dave kindly worked with us to produce our new brie bakers complete with the Cows and Co logo fired onto the lid and we absolutely love them.
We believe in supporting local business, and working towards building stronger communities, ensuring that local people can feel the impact and success of the people in their area. That’s what makes these brie bakers so awesome, they haven’t been mass produced in some far away land, they were handcrafted by Dave, who was kind enough to let us come along to his workshop and show us exactly how he makes them.


First the clay was separated  into evenly sized balls and centered on the wheel, then with wet hands Dave begins to mold the clay into the shape of our brie bakers.



The pot is then measured using calipers to ensure that each one is the correct size for our wheels of brie.


Finally Dave uses slip and a stencil to apply the Cows and Co logo to the lid which will set on the clay when the pot is fired. (in short) This is how we ended up with our brie bakers.
We are really pleased with the final result and hope that all of you guys like them too.

If you like the look of one and would like one in your kitchen
Buy one for your self or loved one by clicking here

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