A selection of five delicious hard cheeses, all with a distinctive flavour and character.

made from:

1 x 200g Blencathra – A very versatile cheese as we are able to pack in both 1.5 Kg half wheels and pre-packed portions (around 200g each) and these both have a very good shelf life with a fresh flavour and slightly crumbly consistency. It is a non-rinded version of the traditional Caerphilly style cheese called Keverigg

1 x 200g Eden Chieftan – A creamy, award winning close textured mature ‘cheddar style’ cheese made from pasteurised cows milk. A clean & well-rounded flavour that is perfect for both cooking and the cheese board

1 x 200g Eden Sunset – A slightly crumbly, open-textured cheese with a clean, mellow flavour. Made from pasteurised cow’s milk it has a rounded buttery flavour. Wonderful crumbled over salads.

1 x 200g Flakebridge – A smooth, hard-pressed, coloured cheese with a firm, slightly flaky texture and a subtle tangy taste. Based on a modified ‘Red Leicester’ recipe using pasteurised cows milk.

1 x 200g Old Applebian – A crumbly, open textured cheese with a pronounced, lemony flavour and a lingering creamy aftertaste. Made from pasteurised cows milk to a traditional Westmorland recipe.